Right now, food is the cheapest it has ever been.

Liters of sugary soda and mystery patties from fast food chains cost less than most produce at the grocery store.

From additives like MSG that bulk up the weight of meat products to potassium bromate that puffs up bread, food fillers help food be more abundant for less money.

But they certainly aren't helping our bodies.

Companies often boast that they use no fat, no calorie fillers (lookin' at you, Olestra), but these chemicals are completely devoid of nutrition.

When we first opened Daily Green we made a promise to feed people real, whole food. We steer clear of anything processed and avoid anything loaded with preservatives.

We want people walk away from our café feeling alive and clean. The only way to make that happen is to eat food that is alive too! Food is that is teeming with enzymes, good bacteria and nutrients, not stuffed with useless fillers.

Our anti-filler attitude even extends to our smoothies. We skip the heaping scoops of ice and fill them with 100 percent fruit, veggies and juice or milk. Why? Because it tastes better, has more nutrients and our customers actually get their money's worth. (We don’t want to make people pay for frozen water!)

Choosing to focus on fresh, whole food isn't an easy business decision. Our produce isn't pre-cut and pre-bagged. And since nothing is sprayed with waxes, dyes and preservatives, we race against the clock to serve it before it's no longer usable. Not to mention, it's expensive.

But day after day, we do it with a smile. Because committing to this kind of beautiful, natural food nourishes our bodies and nourishes the earth.

Instead of filling our food, we let our food fill us.